'Knitting Fog..!' Early morning mist in fields surrounding our village

Monday, 2 February 2009

Barrels and Blizzards!

Yesterday I managed to knit up to the start of the top decrease section of the left mitten, after taking time off for a snooze. I literally fell asleep over my needles. I've done that before, maybe I need more iron in my diet, I'm always feeling tired these days; or maybe it is just this depressing winter weather.

Overnight someone painted the world outside white. The snowstorms from Russia have arrived, and apparently covered most of the UK in a blanket of white, creating chaos once more on our roads, at least it brightens up our normally dull, dark days. Jim went out and cleared a path to the outhouse, he was no sooner back in the kitchen than we had another snowfall that filled it in without trace!

During the night I had a wierd dream, we were in a flooded hall and sitting in a half barrel, suddenly we were swept away into town and I was frantically paddling with a shovel. I looked at Jim, he was wearing his dressing gown, then we were back in the hall about to be presented with something...and I was feeling very embarrassed....! Where do these crazy dreams come from? Maybe I had better lay off the Cranberry juice!

We were intending to take a trip into York today to B and Q, but I think I will just stay home by the fire and finish the Latvian mittens, Margaret will need them this week.

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