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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Latvian Mittens

This is my first blog. Right now I am working on my third pair of Latvian Mittens. My first pair, knitted last year on 2mm circular needles, were a challenge as I had never done anything like them before, and with such fine wool and thin needles. But I loved it. I was following the Lizbeth Upitis KAL on the Schoolhouse Press website, along with a number of other Ravelry members.

If you haven't heard of www.Ravelry.com yet, and you are a keen knitter or crochet fanatic, pay a visit and join, it is a fantastic website.

The first pair I knitted for myself, the second pair for a friend in Minnesota and the third pair are for a friend in the next village. With temperatures of 50 below in Minnesota and snowstorms from Russia heading towards the UK I think the mittens will be a cosy blessing.

I used Debbie Bliss 4 ply Rialto in four colours for the first two pairs, green, eggshell blue, red and beige. The third pair I am knitting withDebbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, and they have five colours, plum, purple, pink, jade and yellow. As Baby Cashmerino is 5 ply the mittens are slightly larger, but just right for my friend.

The fringe on the bottom of the cuffs was also a challenge at first, but now I find it quite easy and have used the same method to create wigs for knitted dolls. The braid above the fringe is quite attractive and I have used that also when knitting Christmas stockings for my great grandchildren, Sophie and Joshua.

I have been knitting both right and left mittens in turn, and tnight finished the right one except for the thumb. The left one I had worked to just above the thumbhole, so tomorrow I will continue the palm and finish it, then work both thumbs.

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MaryjoO said...

I don't feel like a complete idiot now -- your blog is "new" LOL. I couldn't believe that I had "missed" that you had a blog, but have been so busy just figured "I had missed it."

Congrats -- it's great, your "extras are fun" (I'm going to look for the quote of the day thing), and you will enjoy just "sharing." My nieces and nephews couldn't believe that one could spend ALL DAY just looking at knitting blogs LOL

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