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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Celebration Crazy

I really like the Celebration Shawl designed by Doris Chan, once I found my way around the increase row, which was not explained properly in Crochet! World as far as I am concerned, I got on like a house on fire.  I have since crocheted two more, one in Cherry and Lynx for my daughter Michele, and another in Aplle and Raccoon for my friend Maryjo.  I'm thinking of crocheting a second one for myself in Sky Blue, for chilly summer evenings.

I worked on each of these shawls on afternoons and evenings over three days.  The eyelash rows took up more time than the main yarn, plus the fibres needed to be teased out afterwards.


Monday, 5 March 2012

Celebration Shawl

 The 'Celebration Shawl' was designed by Doris Chan and the pattern published in the January 2004 issue of Crochet Magazine.

The original yarns used are now discontinued so I substituted Wendy 'Party' in Camel #556 for the main panels, and Sirdar FOXY Badger for the fur trim.  It is beautifully soft and warm.

My only problem with the pattern was on Row 3, a very simple row, but it could have been a bit more explicit with the instruction over the central part of the row where two increases take place.  I finally figured out what I should be doing by examining the pattern photo with a magnifying glass.

I have two more shawls to crochet from this pattern, one for a friend in the USA and one for my eldest daughter.  Several friends here in North Yorkshire have taken a liking to it also.

I obtained the Wendy 'Party' yarn from Kemps online shop, it was on special offer at 69 pence per 50g skein.
and the Sirdar FOXY came from Linda at:
http://www.acornknittingyarns.co.uk/ via Ebay at a Buy it Now price which was very reasonable.
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