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Sunday, 11 September 2011

9.11.01 Where Were You? A Commemorative Poem

September 11, 2001, where were you?

I was there, beside each one.

You say that you will never forget.
Where you were, or what you were doing,
At the very moment you heard the news,
The disbelief and the horror you felt
As you watched this tragedy unfolding.
I was there, beside you too,
Did you feel My presence with you?

In a smoke filled room in one of the towers
I gave strength to a man who phoned his wife
To tell her he was about to lose his life,
With peace in his heart he said "Goodbye,
But Honey it’s OK, I am ready to go."
I was with her too when she received his call
Ready to uphold her if she should fall.

In a stairwell much further down
A woman cried out to Me in her distress,
For 50 years her life I wanted to bless
Knocking on the door of her heart each day,
Until at last, she is asking Me in.
Now I can enter and answer her plea,
"Yes I’ll take you home, just believe in Me."

Down below at the Towers entrance
The injured are ministered to by a Priest,
He is one of Mine and he is now released,
To minister to his Flock in Heaven
Eternal life his reward for faithfulness.
He heard My voice and answered My call,
I was with him to the last and he gave his all.

Great courage and self sacrifice
Was shown by many on that terrible day,
My heart was breaking but I did stay
To comfort with My presence there
In the hearts and prayers of My believers.
And for those who in faith called on My Name
I was there when their last moments came.

In all four planes and in every seat,
In every Prayer that was sent My way
I was there as they held the terrorists at bay,
I was with the crew as they were overtaken
and the planes nose-dived into oblivion.
As some recited Prayers and Psalms
I wrapped them all within My arms.

Some met Me for the very first time,
Others sought Me with their last breath.
Some cursed and turned away from Me in death
In panic some could not hear Me call their name
"Come to Me, this way…take My hand."
But I was there for all, afraid or brave
If only they would allow Me their souls to save.

I was everywhere on this Earth that day
In Texas, Kansas and London, UK
Delhi, Hong Kong and Bergen, Norway,
I saw every face that watched TV
And saw the tears that flowed freely.
I stood beside you all at that terrible time
When your blood ran cold at this terrorist crime.

September 11, 2001 was not your final day,
The day and the hour is not for you to know,
Will you seek My face now and be ready to go?
I knock at the door of your heart every day
But I cannot enter in until you ask Me to stay.
I love you My child and I patiently wait
But please seek Me now before it’s to late.

Jackie S Brooks©
11 September 2003
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