'Knitting Fog..!' Early morning mist in fields surrounding our village

Friday, 13 February 2009

Snow Cat found resting in Little Barugh garden

Found this snow-cat in my lower garden this morning!!
It is a sunny morning today and the snow has already melted off the trees, but is still very crisp under foot.
We had to cancel our trip to the cinema last night, a friend who lives in Malton who was to be with us called to tell us all roads into town were gridlocked, and people travelling home from York, usually around a 35-40 minute journey, were stuck on the road for four hours. There are two very steep hills on that road, one a notorious black spot.
The film is still showing next week, so hopefully we can still get to see it.
Off to make some warming winter soup now, and maybe do some knitting later.

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