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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Jim's Oversocks for Wellington Boots

I decided I wanted to knit Jim a pair of Submariner socks and bought 200g of DK Acrylic-Wool mix yarn.  Unfortunately it is just a bit too thin for that kind of sock, I really need Aran or maybe even Chunky.

So they are now Oversocks, to be worn over a normal pair of woollen socks and over his pants/trousers.  I started with Judy's Magic Cast-on at the toe, then was going to do k4,p4 rib but decided to do an elongated cable stitch, so every 10th row was the cable.  I knitted them slightly longer than normal on the foot, did a slip stitch heel and then worked another 10 cables plus 5 rows of k2,p2 rib before using the Russian bind-off.  (65 rows total) 

They turned out well, fit comfortably over his normal socks and his pants, and his feet are not cramped within the boot.  So we are both pleased with them.

I still want to knit him a pair of Submariners socks with a cabled cuff to turn over the top of the boot.

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