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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


It has been a week of frustrations, first the head gasket blowing and having to dispose of the car because it just wasn't worth the £600 - £800 it would have cost to fix, not to mention the other bits and pieces that needed replacing on it, like tyres and exhaust, followed by re-taxing and then M.O.T.

Then we found a second hand car but, frustration of frustrations, we can't re-tax at the Post Office because the car's classification code has to be changed from a disabled code to an ordinary drivers code, we have to go to our nearest DVLA Office to do that, and it is miles away, we have no transport and there is no bus service. If we do it by post we will be without transport for at least two weeks, and there is no decent bus service from our village. Seems to me the powers that be do everything they can to make life difficult.

On top of that I sent off a cheque to my rent office and forgot to sign the wretched thing, I can't get to them either so have had to post out a second one, signed this time!

On the knitting front, I knitted a pair of Raspberry Bed Socks using Aran weight instead of DK as I intended using them as travel slippers and wanted something a little sturdier, I also used larger needles as the pattern only went up to a 9" foot and mine is 10" - but I over-compensated and the slippers fit my DH, so on our overnight trip later this month he had better not leave the hotel room in them or he would probably get some very funny looks, they are a sexy red with a heart-shaped pattern of bobbles on the toes, at least the ties are a masculine brown! Now I am working on another pair but have gone back to the needles stated in the pattern.

Today I bought 200g of 4 ply Araucania Ranco, 100g in Multi - shades of blues, purples, pinks and turquoise, and 100g of Solid in a dark teal. I want to use it to knit the 'Latvian Dances' socks. I also bought 100g of 'Sprinkles' in a variegated Blueberry, to knit the King Cole Teddy Bear on their pattern leaflet # 2000.

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MaryjoO said...

congrats on getting the "new" car and his and hers slippers LOL

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